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The material contained on this website contains general information only and does not constitute translation services.

While every care has been taken in the preparation of the information on this site, readers are advised to contact us directly to seek specific translation advice.

Nothing in these terms prevents any subsequent separate agreements being reached between us and the party(s), concerned which more specifically cover the particular areas later agreed between them.

If you have any queries or complaints, you must contact us in the first instance either by phone, e mail or in writing.


a) Prices and Payment

i) Unless other invoicing terms are specified in a Contract, the Company shall invoice the Client for the Charges and any Expenses (together with VAT at the then applicable rate) on completion of the Services, provided that, where Services take (or are reasonably expected to take) more than 30 days to complete, the Company shall be entitled to issue interim invoices.

ii) Unless other payment terms are specified in a Contract, the Client shall pay each invoice issued by the Company within 30 days from the date of the invoice. If the Client requests that the Company invoice a third party in respect of any Services and such third party fails to pay the invoice by the due date, the Company is entitled to reissue the invoice to the Client and the Client shall pay such invoice in full on receipt.

iii) The Client is not entitled to delay payment of an invoice issued by the Company as a result of any failure or delay in payment by the Client’s own client or customer, even where the Client has notified the Company that the Services are being provided for the benefit of such client or customer.

iv) In the event of a bona fide dispute, the Client shall pay the disputed invoice (or, if applicable, the disputed part of the invoice) within 7 days of the dispute being resolved in the Company’s favour.

v) If the Client fails to pay an undisputed and overdue invoice within 7 days of receiving a written notice from the Company, then the Company reserves the right to exercise either or both of the following rights:

To suspend or terminate some or all outstanding Contracts; and

To charge interest at the rate of 3% above the base rate for the time being of the Bank of England per annum from the due date up to the actual date of payment on all unpaid invoices. Or the highest rate permitted by governing law, whichever is less

b) Timing

i) For new clients, unless credit terms are agreed in writing, payment for the translation is due upfront. If Aktuel Translations fails to translate your document, your payment will be completely refunded.

ii) Otherwise payment should be processed either by bank transfer, paypal or Cheque.

iii) Payment strictly 30 days from invoice, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. Payment penalties apply according to UK law of Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002, fixed penalties and interest charges, namely 3% above base rate.

c) After execution of the translation has begun, the client may not cancel the agreement without incurring cancellation fees, namely project management charges and translator fees.

Breach of Contract

If the client is not satisfied, they must contact us directly to express any concerns and we will do our utmost to resolve the issue.

In case of further dispute, in particular concerning quality of the translated material, both parties agree to submit material to a mutually agreed third party: such as a professional translator or governing body for a qualified opinion.


The client releases Aktuel Translations Ltd and its partners from any liability arising from material we are asked to translate or interpret, including but not limited to, liable, slander, misinformation, falsehoods and instructions.

All translated material intended for print must be checked by the client prior to printing for final sign off and approval. Aktuel Translations cannot be held responsible for any errors other than those related to clear mistranslations arrived at from a misunderstanding of the original text.

For all material that requires specialist knowledge requiring the use of precise terminology, the client must supply Aktuel Translations Ltd and its partners with approved glossaries and terms.

All translated legal material is to be used solely for the purpose of general comprehension. Until edited by a member of the legal profession, the translated documentation is not to be considered a legally binding document in itself.

Governing Law

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Limitations and Exclusions

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