Diversity award

Quarto Translations Golden Egg Academy Diversity Award

In light of the uncertainty arising from the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve taken the difficult decision not to run the Quarto Translations Golden Egg Academy Diversity Award for 2020. This is not a decision we have taken lightly but we feel our efforts are best served by supporting our current writers through this difficult time. Quarto and GEA have agreed that this year’s budget will be put towards an inclusion and hardship fund and we will also be supporting the Rising Stars Awards with our partners, Firefly Press and Literature Wales.

Do speak to your editor if you are from an under represented group and/or in need of some additional support.

We love the Diversity Award and hope to welcome brilliant new writers from 2021.

More exciting news to follow!

In association with the Golden Egg Academy

We are delighted we are able to offer the Quarto Translations/Golden Egg Academy Diversity Awards for the the third year running.

This year, we are diversifying ourselves and offering 3 separate awards:

  • Diversity Award
  • Cultural Award
  • Hatchling Short Story Competition

At GEA and Quarto we pride ourselves on our ethical approach to business and to publishing. Our aim always is to encourage diversity in books and publishing in general. Therefore these Awards are aimed at encouraging diverse writers and diverse stories as well as providing opportunities for writers who would not normally be able to benefit from the expertise at GEA.

If you’re thinking: “they’d never like a story like mine, they wouldn’t want me”, STOP right now! We are actively looking for diverse stories and writers.

At GEA and Quarto we are defining diversity according to the Inclusive Minds definition, which includes race and heritage, disability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, religion and culture. The awards will be for writers of talent whose work is likely to reach publishable standard, for the ultimate aim is to enable children to see themselves in the literature they are reading and meet published writers that they might wish to emulate

Now in its third year! We are actively looking for diverse stories and writers.

Cultural Award

Cultural diversity can be defined – but not strictly limited to – those stories including originally portrayed cross-cultural themes or those celebrating the sheer range and glee of language and/or multi-cultural expression (including dialect, argot and neologism). Consideration will also be given ‘hidden gems’ – fiction and fable from other countries that are unknown in English.

Award £500 Golden Egg Voucher to spend at any stage.

Diversity Award

Includes, according to Inclusive Minds, race and heritage, disability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, religion, and culture. The applicant could identify themselves as being from one or more under-represented diverse groups. Alternatively, the applicant could be writing a narrative that is inclusive and includes a range of authentic marginalised characters, which have been handled appropriately but effectively without relying on stereotypes.

Golden Egg Voucher to cover a full year’s course.

Hatchling Short Story Competition

Stories of no more than 250 words that show strong potential writing for children from 4 years to Young Adult.

Award: weekend writer’s retreat in the Pyrenees.

Top 3 published on the GEA and Quarto Translations websites, plus social media and PR.

Note: All winners must agree to allowing use of their work, image and name in PR surrounding the award.

Annual Award lunch in October for all winners.